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It’s summer, and while some of us may go on vacation, an exodus to the beach or the mountains back at Grandview, we’ll be meditating on exoduses all summer long.  Think about all the transitions in your own life, all the times you’ve departed one place to head for a new one, whether geographically or mentally or spiritually.  How did you break free of the old?  Was the process pretty or painful?  Can you see the Promised Land from here?  Come along on the journey!

2014 Summer Sermon Series @ Grandview UMC

June 15: Introduction-“The slaves are more numerous & powerful than us.”;Exodus 1:1-9
June 22: The Midwives: Non-cooperation with Evil; Exodus 1:8-22
June 29: Moses’ Birth and the Conspiracy of 3 Women; Exodus 2:1-10
July 6: The Murder & Exile in Midian; Exodus 2:11-22
July 13: The Burning Bush: Calling & Resistance; Exodus 2:23-4:31
July 20: Hard-hearted Pharaoh & the Plagues; Exodus 5-11
July 27 or Aug. 3: Passover & the killing of the firstborn; Exodus 12:1-36; 13:1-16
Aug. 10: The Journey Out; Exodus 12:27-51, 13:17-15:21
Aug. 17: In the Wilderness & Longing to Go Back; Exodus 15:22-18:27
Aug. 24: I May Not Get There with You; Exodus 19-31
Aug. 31: Exodus in Jazz; one worship service at 10am and a Freedom Party!;Exodus 32-40

Read along in your own Bible.
On vacation?  Click here to catch up on sermons you miss.

One Worship Service on Sunday, August 31 at 10 a.m
We’ll be ending our summer of studying Exodus with a party. We’ll all worship together at 10am on Sunday, August 31, and we’ll follow that up with a party on the lawn!  Austin Wagner will be bringing some friends from Temple University’s jazz program to lead us musically in familiar hymns of freedom as well as new sounds. There will be no Sunday School.



Jesus Christ calls Grandview United Methodist Church to be a fully inclusive church, recognizing the sacred worth of all people, including those of every sexual orientation and gender identity.  We embrace those who are marginalized for any reason.  Grandview cultivates respectful discussion of differences among all who seek to love their neighbors.


Our Services: Each Sunday

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