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Rev. Chris McLaughlin, who worked at Grandview during her seminary studies, used to say that she liked the term spiritual practices better than spiritual disciplines.  It seemed to give us some grace to do these acts imperfectly.  After all, we’re just practicing.

There are many valuable, well-known spiritual practices: prayer of various sorts, Bible study, fasting, etc.  John Wesley viewed visiting people in prison as an important spiritual discipline; it was one he practiced regularly.


This fall, we’re delving into some broader spiritual practices: things like gratitude, responsibility, and attentiveness.  Spiritual practices aren’t merely mental exercises.  There’s a physical component, too.  We connect with God and with Christ within us when we use our bodies to write in a journal, to kneel in prayer, to walk the path of a labyrinth.  So, when we talk about practicing stewardship of creation, we’ll practice that practice while going on a hike.  When we focus on practicing attentiveness, we may decide to put away our cell phones for a chunk of each day.

If you’re looking for a church to call home, allow Grandview members to practice their hospitality by welcoming you this fall.  Join us for worship or for special intergenerational events, such as the Fall Fest at a local farm.  If you’re a kid, plug into Grandview Sings!, our community children’s choir, or try Sunday school.

Grandview is a church that values people’s questions and attempts.  So if you view yourself as ‘just practicing’ at this whole faith thing, you will find yourself in good company here.



Jesus Christ calls Grandview United Methodist Church to be a fully inclusive church, recognizing the sacred worth of all people, including those of every sexual orientation and gender identity.  We embrace those who are marginalized for any reason.  Grandview cultivates respectful discussion of differences among all who seek to love their neighbors.


Our Services: Each Sunday

10:45 a.m.

Traditional worship with choirs and a creative twist


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