Visitors FAQ
1. What is your address and phone number?


Grandview United Methodist

888 Pleasure Road

Lancaster, PA 17601


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2. What time are your Sunday services?


8:15AM  Quiet, reflective, traditional worship

9:30AM  Contemporary service led by a praise band

10:45AM Traditional worship with choirs and a creative twist

Detailed description of our worship services


3. Do you have nursery care?


Nursery care, supervised by Patti Roscoe, a mom and an aide at Nitrauer Elementary, is available at 9:30 and 10:45.


4. Do you have Sunday School?


Opportunities for children to grow in faith and love are available every Sunday morning at the 9:30 worship hour. This isn't Sunday School as you remember it! Kids do science experiments, play drums, hear stories and other information-to-grow-by in ways that last--and that help them to think for themselves. And they have a great time doing it.


Learning opportunities for adults are also available at 9:15--with a combined Bible study and a "hot-topics" discussion class.


5. What should I wear to church?


We're easy!  8:15 and 10:45 worshippers tend to be slightly more formal than the 9:30 crowd.  It's more typical to see jeans and shorts at 9:30.  But at all three service, you'll see skirts, ties, sweaters, polos, khakis, tatoos, T-shirts, etc.  If you want to fit into the mainstream, think business casual.  If you like an edgier look, we like that, too.


6. How big are you?


We’re a medium-sized congregation (about 250 in worship--broken into three services).


7. What are your people like?


We’re young and old and in between. We come in every political color- red, blue, purple, green and then some. Ethnically, we're not that colorful yet, however Grandview is active in the work of overcoming racism in ourselves and in the world around us.  LGBTQ people are welcomed and affirmed here.  We have a ramp, elevator, and accessible bathrooms that enable people who use wheelchairs to worship here.  We love our differences and have unity in a faith that takes the biblical principle of love seriously, seeking to make it come alive in the world.


8. What are the church office hours?


9 a.m.-2 p.m. weekdays.



Our Services: Each Sunday

10:45 a.m.

Traditional worship with choirs and a creative twist


Map & Directions