Making a Difference in our World

Missions and Ministries of Grandview United Methodist Church

Refugee Families

Our congregational outreach includes involvement with political refugees. In the recent past we have worked with families from Uzbekistan, Iraq and the Karen from Burma. Our support has included teaching English, reading and handling of finances. Also helping them negotiate the customs and expectations of their new country, finding work, enrolling in schools and some financial support. We develop personal relationships with the families often involving mutual cultural celebrations and exchanges.

Women’s Winter Shelter

Lancaster County Council of Churches sponsors a Women’s Winter Shelter to serve the women and children living on the streets from the beginning of December through the first of April. It is currently being housed at the YWCA on Lime Street in downtown Lancaster and it serves more than 120 women and children during these months when all the permanent year-round shelters are full. Many area churches participate in this program by providing volunteers to man the shelter for one or two weeks. March of 2013 was the first year Grandview officially organized the over 50 volunteers needed to run the shelter for an entire week. It was a fulfilling ministry for the volunteers who felt they were living out Christ’s words from Matthew 25:36 as we gave them a bed, fed them and sometimes clothed them.

Crab Fest

CRAB FEST is an outreach of the Friday Night Small Group.crab fest  The annual event is held in the summer and is a fundraiser for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.  The all you can east feast is enjoyed by Grandview folk as well as the greater community.

Bread to be Fed

gumc-cafeBREAD TO BE FED is a partnership with S.Clyde Weaver’s Lancaster Shopping Center store.  Twice a week, day old bread, rolls, bagels, and pastries are donated to the church.  The bread is boxed and ready for Grandview volunteers to pick up by 7 a.m. but can be retrieved at anytime throughout the morning.  During the school year, the bread and rolls are included in Grandview’s Power Pack food bags.  The bread is distributed to any of the following locations; Transitional Living Center, Lancaster County Council of Churches Food Bank, and the church freezer for future use.  The bagels and pastries are served Sunday mornings for breakfast to our praise band, sound and visual techs, and other early rising servants.  The goodies are also used in the GrandBREW Café.

Volunteers in Mission (VIM)

This short-term ministry is organized by the Eastern PA Conference. It gives opportunities to serve here and abroad in various ways to help to heal a battered and beaten world. One may help in disaster relief efforts, construction, teaching, medical clinics, witnessing and more. This ministry opens our hearts and minds and uses our hands to share Christ’s love.

Home Repair Ministry for Adults

In 2005 we sent our first all adult teams down to Appalachia. We have grown in our faith, our understanding and in our compassion as we serve the kindhearted families who live in this incredibly beautiful area. Using our hands for Christ, we make homes more livable for people who don’t have the means or in many cases the physical ability to make their own homes “warmer, safer and drier.” In 2013 we will be trying a different venue as we travel to Atlantic City to repair homes damaged in Hurricane Sandy

ASP for Youth: A home repair ministry

Every summer since 1990 Grandview youth with adult crew leaders have taken teams to the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee to repair homes and make them “warmer, safer and drier”. But it is more than just learning and developing construction skills. By sharing Christ’s love through our actions with the gracious people of Appalachia and receiving Christ’s love from these people who have rich, deep roots in these mountains we grow with God’s help to accept all people right where they are as children of God. As individuals we learn that we can make a difference in someone’s life and as teams we develop strong ties to one another as the family of Grandview Church.


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